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Uncovering the Value of Real-World Data for Blood Cancer


Uncovering the Value of Real-World Data for Blood Cancer

Organised by Janssen, in partnership with an alliance of blood cancer charities – the Irish Cancer Society, BCNI, CLL Ireland and Multiple Myeloma Ireland – the Uncovering the Value of Real-World Data for Blood Cancer roundtable brought together thought leaders on data, oncology and haematology, patient representatives and decision-makers to foster new ideas and build partnerships on the availability, access to and use of cancer data in Ireland.

Blood cancer care is evolving rapidly due to improved understanding of the disease and the development of new therapies. Better data will allow for more tailored patient-centred treatment plans for individual patients as well as providing broader insights how patients in Ireland respond to care.

However, by comparison with our peers, Ireland fares poorly in the collection of quality real-world data.

This report captures recommendations from key stakeholders and experts on how to improve availability and use of better cancer data for multiple objectives including policy making and service planning, clinical decision making and patient care, for clinical trials and research and for measuring cost effectiveness and value for money in cancer care.

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