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Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research study which tries to find new or better ways of treating or diagnosing diseases.

Patients can be asked to take part in a clinical trial. This means that instead of the standard treatment you get a new trial drug. Or you may be given existing treatments used in different ways. For example, giving a different dose of a drug or using two treatments together.

When a drug is being used in a clinical trial it has already been carefully tested to make sure it is safe to use in a clinical trial.

CLL Patients are encouraged to explore clinical trials.

The Irish Cancer Society have produced useful information on “Cancer and Clinical Trials“. It addresses questions you might have about trial safety and regulation, and answers questions such as how does your doctor decide if you are suitable for a trial or not.

You can stay informed about clinical trials, and search for cancer trials carried out. There is a network of 14 hospital based cancer trials research units across Ireland listed on the “Cancer Trials Ireland” website.

Did you know that there are clinical trials open for blood cancer patients in Ireland?

Clinical Trials Ireland has lots more information on its website!

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