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Donate to CLL Ireland

You can donate to CLL Ireland in a number of ways:

Securely Online:

You can transfer a donation securely via our Paypal account. Simply complete the form below:

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Personal Info

Billing Details

Donation Total: €25.00

Send us a donation:

In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

1. Make your cheque or banker’s draft payable to “CLL Ireland” to indicate that the donation is for us.

2. Please send your cheque or banker’s draft payable to:

CLL Ireland
c/o 47 Walnut Court
Courtlands, Drumcondra, D09 R2X6, Ireland 

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and a receipt sent to you, if your details are included.

CLL Ireland would like to assure our donors that all donations and funding received is strictly monitored and accounted for and spent in accordance with relevant guidelines and best practice in an open and transparent manner to ensure best value for money. Your contribution will be acknowledged and details will be included on an aggregate balance in our annual report.

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