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Patient Experience Survey

Giving Care to the Caregivers A recent webinar presentation from the CLLSociety PLEASE TAKE PART IN THE SURVEY BELOW and HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE Do you have a leukemia diagnosis? Do you want to contribute to policy-changing…

Advocating for Protection

Letter to Minister Stephen Donnelly 5th January 2022 Read here CLL Ireland final draft (1)   Following a meeting with David Cullinane today  - he posted the following on Twitter.  
Woman inside the house

Morning Ireland Interview Jan Rynne CLLI and Robbie O’Connell ICS

Irish Cancer Society says cancer patients must be afforded the best possible protection against Covid-19 CLIP • 8 MINS • 24 SEP 21 • MORNING IRELAND The Irish Cancer Society says it understands people who are immunocompromised will be…
Exam Stress

If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere

In her latest blog Jan shares her experiences as life goes on inside the cocoon...
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Staying safe in your cocoon

The CLL Ireland team bring you up to date on the advice of experts, as well as stories shared by our community

Clarity, hope and the new ‘normal’

In her latest blog Jan shares her experiences in what have been a tumultuous few days...
Woman inside the house